Lutron RadioRA 3 Sunnata PRO Companion Dimmer (120V) White Gloss RRST-RD-WH

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Lutron's new Sunnata dimmers allow users to easily touch or swipe the light bar to set their desired light levels. The PRO LED+ advanced technology allows for superior dimming of LED, halogen, incandescent, MLV and ELV lighting. They incorporate advanced features such as fade-on/fade-off, delayed long fade-to-off, and rapid full-on control modes. This Sunnata companion dimmer must be used for multi-location control in conjunction with a main Sunnata PRO LED+ RF touch dimmer (see recommended accessories).


  • Single pole or multi-location control
  • RF connectivity enables schedule, scene and other system-controlled events
  • Control options: fade-on/fade-off, delayed long fade-to-off, and rapid full-on
  • For multi-location dimming, Sunnata companion dimmers offer the exact same look and feel as the primary dimmer. Add up to four companion dimmers with each Sunnata dimmer for control from up to five locations. Light bars respond uniformly across all companion dimmers.
  • Works with dimmable bulbs: 250W LED, 500W INC/HAL/ELV, 400VA MLV
  • Soft glow helps homeowner find the switch in the dark
  • Light bar brightness can be customized, including off if preferred in places like the bedroom. Lights gradually fade on and off with customizable fade rate
  • Easy to adjust dimming range to improve bulb performance
  • Each dimmer installs in 15 minutes, and is easy to wire with screw terminals- neutral wire required
  • Includes front accessible service switch for safe light bulb replacement
  • 1 year warranty

Use with Lutron designer wallplates (sold separately - see recommended accessories)