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Ring Car Alarm is a simple, affordable auto security solution. It’s easy to install and works with at least 99% of vehicles on the road today. Ring Car Alarm will notify you of detected activity in relation to your car, such as bumps, opening doors, or pulling on door handles when connected to wifi or Sidewalk.

This article will answer commonly asked questions about Ring Car Alarm.

What is the Ring Car Alarm?
Ring Car Alarm is an easy-to-use, affordable auto security solution that works in at least 99% of vehicles on the road in the US today. This device links to other compatible Ring devices cameras/systems and alerts you in the event of detected bumps, break-ins, tows and more (when connected to Sidewalk). 

How does the Ring Car Alarm work?
Ring Car Alarm is meant to give you peace of mind when your car is parked at home, sending real time alerts to your smartphone (when connected to Sidewalk) if it detects certain events. Alerts will be sent for detected impacts, break-ins, and car thefts -- for example, the device’s sensors are designed to detect events such as door handle pulls, rim theft, towing, movement inside the vehicle, and location changes. You can also manually trigger Ring Car Alarm’s siren for 30 seconds when you get an alert. 

Ring Car Alarm works with other Ring devices to add another layer of security to your home and activate linked Video Doorbells, cameras, and Ring Smart Lighting. For example, if Ring Car Alarm detects an event, your Floodlight Cam can be set to begin recording. 

Will I be able to track down my car if it’s stolen?
You’ll be able to see the Ring Car Alarm’s last known location from the Ring app. While the device has GPS built-in, location information will only be sent to the user’s phone when Ring Car Alarm is within range of either wifi or Sidewalk.  

How is the Ring Car Alarm powered?
Ring Car Alarm easily installs directly to the OBD-II port in your vehicle and safely draws power from the car's battery. This low power device can stay on for up to 30 days between car starts and will automatically shut off if it senses a low car battery. 

How many cars does this work with?
This Ring Car Alarm works in most cars built after 1996, which is approximately 99% of the cars on the road in the US. 

Does the Ring Car Alarm require a Sidewalk connection in order to function? 
Yes, Ring Car Alarm is reliant on Sidewalk to deliver notifications to your Ring app.

Does Ring Car Alarm require a subscription? 
No. Since Ring Car Alarm sends alerts via Sidewalk, all features are accessible without a subscription.

Is Ring Car Alarm Alexa compatible? 
Yes. Ring Car Alarm will be compatible with Alexa-enabled devices, like Echo speakers, and will be able to deliver status reports or alerts via Alexa. 

Ring Car Alarm does not have Alexa built into the device itself.  

Does the Ring Car Alarm support voice recognition (Alexa)?
No. Ring Car Alarm will not support voice recognition as its microphone is exclusively reserved for detecting certain environmental conditions, such as loud noises and changes in volume, and does not have the ability to record audio. 

Can the police see your location, speed or other data such as running a red light using the Ring Car Alarm? 
Ring Car Alarm does not track driver metrics like speed. Only the device owner and any Shared Users the owner adds have access to the device’s location data through the Ring App. However, certain features such as geolocation require the device's location to be shared with Ring, and Ring will only use location data to provide features and services to customers. You can revoke Shared User permissions, delete location data history, or turn off device location at any time from the Ring App.

Note: This device has not been authorized by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.