Screwless Wall Plate - 4 Gang

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  • Modern design enhances the look and feel of your house. Smooth and glossy finish makes it easy to clean. Invisible screw design for child safety
  • USWP4 series for white color and USWP6 series for snow white color. To best match with your outlets/switches, please select the right series (1-6 gang)
  • BESTTEN screwless wall plates have only one very small prying slot on the bottom while other brand has larger slots on both top and bottom
  • Compared with a sandwich design from other brand, BESTTEN screwless wall plate has no seam along the edge enhancing look and won't collect dust
  • Slightly larger size than the standard decorator wall plate. Height 4.69” (11.9cm) x Width 8.35” (21.21cm) x Depth 0.28” (0.71cm)